Louis Vuitton: Series 6, SS/17 ad campaign rejuvenates the passion of love and romantic fantasies of eternal Paris

Source – (Vuitton, 2016)

Louis Vuitton Series 6, Spring Summer 2017 ad campaign will make you want to wander on the streets of Paris, romanticizing and holding the finest LV leather bag in your hand. The creative director, Nicholas Ghesquiere’s collection is inspired by romantic fantasies of eternal Paris and has captured the spirit of the city magnificently. The advert is shot by Bruce Weber and styled by Amelie Sauve with three brand ambassadors, Michelle William, Jennifer Connelly, Sasha Lane. The classical French music played in the background brings back the old memories of romantic fantasies on the river Siene. The collection was first showcased in the new flagship store at Vendome, Paris on October 5, 2016. (Foreman, 2017)

The campaign commences with a beautiful black and white classic view of the whole city from Eiffel Tower and ends in a similar pattern. The studio shots of the models Michelle William, Jennifer Connelly, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Sasha Lane with finely crafted and embellished LV bags, have made it a style statement for the year 2017. The city of love is picturised in its most elegant and romantic manner. The finely embroidered, black, translucent long dress is all that you will admire for this summer. The strong cultural references of the city are evident from the shots taken near The Place Louis-Aragon named after the French poet with the same name, major figure in the avant-garde movement. Paris’ Île Saint-Louis, was the main setting for the Louis Vuitton campaign 2017. The artistic influence justifies the place of the campaign. Many of the Louis Vuitton campaigns are travel inspired, but this year they seem to have shifted their focus on something more vibrant in terms of art and culture, paying tribute to the city Louis Vuitton belonged.
The expression of the models remains subtle yet sophisticated. (Phelps, 2016)

“Paris is the soul of this collection, with its Right Bank/Left Bank duality, Paris nourished by all artistic influences. It is to this cultivated, intellectual, original and free-spirited Parisienne that I wanted to pay tribute,” said Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic director of Vuitton’s women’s collections.


Source – (Vuitton, 2016)

Michelle Williams

Photographed by – Peter Lindbergh

The latest bag is a renewed version of the iconic Monogram in the shape of ‘W’. Michelle Williams with her mesmerising beauty is wearing a sexy black colour lacy slip, defining herself and her passion for the craft.

Have a look at the stunning Spring Summer, Series 6 collection by Louis Vuitton.


The images above show the fine craftsmanship used in making the exceptionally lavish and royal pieces by Louis Vuitton.


Louis Vuitton has kept its colour palette subtle using two of its trademark colours and tints and shades of blue. A hint of bright colours is seen in a few of its dresses. The leather boots are made in two patterns. The look is very edgy and the length varies from ankle to mid-calf.

Michelle Williams is now seen in the ad campaign “Blossom” by Louis Vuitton and we hope to see her in the upcoming iconic Louis Vuitton campaigns as well. (Robinson, 2017)

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