You must be really ugly to adorn your body with an animal’s skin!

If you think, that wearing real fur is vintage, classy and a luxury style statement, you might want to change your opinion after reading this blog. When you wear fur, there’s absolutely nothing fashionable about it. No matter whether it came from a fur farm or wild, it has caused an animal immeasurable suffering and took away a life.

PETA (PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS) videotaped the animals during a four months undercover investigation where the animals were kept in a fur farm in the United States of America. The conditions there were supposed to be the best, but what PETA found out was mind numbing and heart quenching.


#1 Fox – This fox had his leg fully exposed and no veterinary care was taken.

#2 Fox – Another fox’s eye was sealed shut due to eye infection.

#3 Fox – This fox had an ear infection, because of which he could not hold his head upright.

#4 Fox – This fox was too week to stand.

#5 Fox – This fox cannibalized his cage mate. The foxes on this farm were given no water for 5 weeks and only moisture came from the food they ate.


(PETA, 2014)

#6 Fox – This fox had an untreated eye infection.

#7 Racoons – These small racoons were kept in small cages and their urine was collected for use by hunters.

#8 Racoons – The racoons were huddled against the bitter winter snow.

#9 Fox – The cage foxes went mad and laid dead in the cages

#10 – The filth caused them irritation and the living conditions became revolting.


The painful process of electrocution

After all this suffering, the foxes which survive the illness are eventually taken for their pelts. They are first removed from their cages and then death is by extremely painful “Anal Electrocution”. Anal Electrocution is a very brutal treatment given to these miserable animals, because in this treatment the fur quality remains good and expensive.

In the end, the carcasses (flesh dead body) left, is fed again to the animals still caged. (PETA, 2012)

The video by PETA, explains it all and will leave you shivering if not crying.

(PETA, 2012)

Even if you do not five minutes to watch this video, please watch another video by PETA. It will only take 60 seconds of yours to decide, whether you want to wear fur or not.

(PETA, 2014)

The fur you are wearing is not coming as a by-product of animals, several voiceless animals are killed each year to make these outfits. More than half of the fur in the U.S. is exported from China, where a huge number of dogs and cats are bludgeoned, hanged, skinned alive to death. Chinese purposely mislabel the fur, so there’s no chance that people will know who’s skin they are in. Many of the animals are caught in steel-jaw traps, which crushes their neck with 90 pounds of pressure per square inch. The only sector which remains unregulated by the federal government of the U.S , is fur farms in the animal agriculture. There is no penalty for people who abuse animals in China, which is the largest exporter of fur in the world, especially to U.S. (PETA, 2014)

Fortunately, there is absolutely no need to be cruel and stay fashionable. Many designers like Stella McCartney, have taken this bold step to sell their products without harming any animals. (Rose, 2015)


If you still wish to wear real fur, the picture above is appropriate for you to decide, if you wanna wear the rest of it too. Famous Chinese actor, singer and writer, took this responsibility of participating in the anti-fur campaign  by PETA. Annie Yi, went naked to stop animal cruelty behind fur. (PETA, 2012)


Source – (PETA, 2012)

You too take do two things to save these animals from this merciless behaviour.

#1 – Shun fur

#2 – Sign the pledge to be fur free at PETA

Your few seconds can save someone’s life.


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