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The Body Shop – Fuji Green Tea Hand Cream – Review

Not every one of us have those soft, moisturised and beautifully manicured hands all the time. Some of us like me have dry and rough hands which remain like this in hot and humid weather too. I have tried a range of hand creams to solve this skin problem as I don’t like my hands to look like the hands of an old person. This becomes more prominent during the winter season and we usually tend to ignore it during summers. I tried the “ Fuji Green Tea “ hand cream by The Body Shop and just like it’s other products, it didn’t disappoint me.

Personally, I don’t like wearing sticky creams and lotions when I step out in any weather. I have always looked for alternatives with gel based formulas which hydrate the skin and keep it oil free. The Fuji Green Tea hand cream has done the job perfectly. It leaves my hands moisturised with no signs of a greasy substance that could be transferred to the next thing I touch.



The Fuji Green Tea hand cream comes in a small 30 ml tube with a twisting cap. Its size makes it very travel-friendly and you can easily slip it in your handbag. I don’t like carrying heavy stuff in my shoulder bag unless it’s important which makes it ideal for me. The packaging is not plastic which makes it even better as I like to go “plastic free“ wherever I can. A few hand creams by The Body Shop come in a 100ml tube also but Fuji Green Tea isn’t available in that size at the moment.


INR 345

Given the quantity of the product, the price is a bit higher than the other hand creams available in the market. Since you cannot find it in a bigger size, you will have to spend a few extra bucks to enjoy its benefits.



I recommend you use this after bathing and 3-4 times a day after washing hands when you are not consuming food. I personally don’t like applying anything on my hands before I eat. You should also apply it before going to sleep. A small amount is more than enough for one time application as the cream is gel based and spreads very smoothly on your skin surface.


  • As claimed by the brand, the cream is light, non-greasy with a mild refreshing pleasant fragrance.
  • It nourishes hands and takes away the dryness as soon as you apply it. You also don’t have to worry about transferring it to another surface like your laptop or notebook.
  • It spreads and gets absorbed very easily on the skin leaving no residue.
  • The hands feel softer and smoother with the right amount of moisturisation.
  • The cream is supposed to be travel-friendly and it is without any doubts. It can sit in your purse or your bag without any hassle.
  • If you are not fond of strong fragrances, then this is the right thing for you.


  • The size is very travel-friendly but it only lasts for usually a month.
  • If you have extremely dry hands, especially in winters then you should only buy it for spring/summers as it does not have a deeply hydrating formula.
  • The price makes it a little less affordable but since it is cruelty-free (against animal testing), I like investing in it.


Who should you buy it?

If you have dry hands or even if you don’t but you like to keep them soft and smooth then this is a must try hand cream. It works really well on almost any skin type unless you are looking for some intense moisturising formula. You can very easily fit it in your bag, hand purse or clutch and use it anywhere, anytime.

Also, if your workspace is air conditioned which makes your skin dry, you should definitely give this cream some space in your drawer. I like to keep one in my bag and one at my workstation because of the same reason. I like to apply it every time I wash hands, otherwise, my skin starts to stretch with white drying surface. It keeps my hands nourished and moisturised all the time.

Will I buy it again?

Yes, I will buy it again but I would also keep trying the other fragrances. In winters, I have drier hands, so I will switch to Shea Butter or Almond Milk and Honey.

FAM Rating – 4/5

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