PM Narendra Modi is a fan of Burberry!

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is becoming more of a style icon these days. Even though I have no such interest in politics, his dressing intrigues me sometimes. The other day, my nephew was getting dressed up like Narendra Modi, in a half sleeve kurta and traditional Indian Nehru Jacket. I remember how excited he was for that fancy dress competition. I don’t remember someone dressing up as an Indian politician, though many people do still dress up like the freedom fighters of India. Not only once, did prime minister Narendra Modi was in headlines because of his crisp formals or half sleeve kurta. It has happened now quite a few times, that he has been marked as a style icon.

Fashionawareme has spotted some of his fashion trends, and he seems to be a big fan of the luxury brands. Modi’s deep blue ‘Bandhgala’ suit has already left so many designers in awe. The suit he wore when he met Barack Obama at Hyderabad, had his name (Narendra Damodardas Modi) intricately woven in the fabric.



It requires very fine hand weaving to weave such intricate patterns on the fabric. It is a very elaborate jacquard technique and is not embroidered. It is also estimated that the cost of the suit might be between INR 8-10 million. Well, this is not the first time someone has got the name woven, printed, or embroidered on the clothes but PM Modi seems to be very fashion conscious about his looks. What no one has spotted till now is, the pocket handkerchief that he is wearing by “Burberry”. The red colour scarf in pure Cashmere by Burberry costs INR 30,300 approximately.

There is another picture, where he has been spotted wearing trademark Burberry cashmere scarf.


PM Modi wore this during his visit to Pathankot air base in January 2016. The Burberry cashmere scarves are very expensive and are hand woven in Scotland.


(Burberry, 2017)

Surely this is the first time, India has got a Prime Minister like this whose love for brands does not end here. He also flaunts his trendy BVLGARI spectacles, classy Movado watch and ritzy Mont Blanc pen. (Hindustantimes, 2015)

What came to me as s surprise is that his Narendra Modi woven suit was auctioned for INR 4.3 Billion. Laljibhai Tulsibai Patel who is a diamond merchant and owner of a private airlines bought it. The coat has been marked as the most expensive suit sold in auction by Guinness Book of World Records. (Udayakumar, 2016)

Whatever the story behind the suit is, he has surely made a striking fashion statement in the Indian history of fashion. Barack Obama also expressed his desire to wear a “Modi Kurta” during his visit to India.

He is the proud Prime Minister of India, but what I fail to understand is, we also had APJ Abdul Kalaam as President of India who rarely wore anything this expensive to represent the country. In a country, where billions of people do not have even clothes to cover themselves, I find it a bit disturbing that so much of money is spent on adorning the Prime Minister. There was a time when Gandhiji made a style statement with just one dhoti and the whole country followed him. He not only represents our country till date, by his presence on the Indian currency but has also fought for the country.


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