How to manage your makeup during monsoons

Monsoons knock on our doors with a heavenly mild earthy smell, cold breeze and the sound of pouring rain. While you love to enjoy the nature’s delight once a year, you also worry about the heat, humidity and pollution that have already taken a toll on your skin. The makeup meltdowns add to your hassles and you start looking for waterproof options. Some of you even give up makeup for a few months to avoid looking greasy, cakey and unmanageable. Stepping out barefaced isn’t a wise option either and this is why some monsoon makeup tips are important.

Unless you are ready to invest a fortune on assortment of waterproof makeup for monsoons, a little manipulation in your existing kit will save you from breaking the bank.

  1. Never neglect the primer in the spring summer season. For a smear proof base, prepare your skin with a primer which protects your skin from humidity, dust, water and perspiration. This keeps your makeup intact for a longer time. Primers are available in different price ranges by different brands but you should select it considering your skin type.
  2. Its time you ditch your liquid foundation unless it is silicon based and invest in a mineral based foundation which comes in loose powder. The setting powder gets absorbed in your skin preventing the base from being cakey.
  3. The havoc creators like heat, humidity and pollution will not spare your lips too which are not even oily. Reserve your lip glosses for non-sweaty days and opt for matte crayons, ultra-matte lip liquids and dry finish lipsticks.
  4. You might want to keep the eye shadow to a minimum as they will be first one to create a makeup mess. If you are creating an evening look then stick to the waterproof eyeshadows.
  5. The chemicals used in the waterproof liners and mascara are too harsh to dry you sensitive skin near the eyes. To prevent any damage to your skin, use a volumising mascara first and then apply a waterproof mascara. You might want to try the crayon or pen liners instead of liquid eye liners. It is less likely to smudge or drip.
  6. For contouring, you can use a mineral based contour stick or powdered palette. Blend thoroughly with your base near the cheek bones and jawline.
  7. Once you have worked on the base, you don’t need to worry about the blush. You may use cream based blush or powder based blush but don’t overdo it.
  8. Fix the makeup using a setting spray which will keep the makeup intact for very long hours.

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