7 Reasons to drink lemon water everyday

7 Reasons to drink lemon water everyday

Lemon is a very popular and versatile citrus fruit used in a variety of recipes and drinks. Many people including celebrities have shared health benefits of lemon water when consumed on a daily basis, especially early in the morning empty stomach. To reap the benefits of lemon water, try drinking it with lukewarm water. Not only it kick starts your digestive system according to Ayurveda, it also helps to remove toxins and improving complexion. Take a look at some of the amazing beauty and health benefits of lemon water.

1. Stimulates weight loss


Lemon water is very efficient in cutting down the stubborn body fat. It shows the amazing result when it is consumed with lukewarm water in the morning. You may also add a few drops of honey before a workout. It not only energizes your body for starting the day but also helps protect cells from damaging free radicals.

2. Freshens breath


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Dry mouth is one of the most common causes of bad breath followed by consumption of ingredients like onion, garlic or fish. Lemon water keeps your mouth hydrated and fresh for a longer time thus preventing bad breath. A glass of lemon water post lunch will keep your breath sweeter and odour free.

3. Improves skin quality


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Lemon water, due to its hydrating nature keeps your skin moisturized. Wrinkles are caused by age and dryness makes them even worse. To keep your skin glowing, drink lemon water twice a day along with regular water consumption.

4. Helps in digestion


Source – (Nutritionsmart, 2017)

One of the most significant benefits of drinking lemon water is the improvement in digestion. Being a citrus fruit, lemon juice helps break down the food in the stomach to improve the overall digestion. With increasing age, the acid in the stomach declines thus causing digestive problems. Consumption of lemon water can reduce if not eliminate it completely.

5. Helps prevent kidney stone

Since lemon water has a good amount of citric acid, it prevents kidney stones which are often formed due to dehydration. The calcium salts stone are even easier to break down with the acidic reaction of lemon water. Also, it increases your trips to the toilet keeping kidney stones at bay.

6. Boosts metabolism


A glass of warm lemon water jump starts your body metabolism keeping you active all day. Though you might only feel the boost when you consume 2-3 glasses of lemon water in a day. You might want to drink it with cold water in sweaty summer afternoons for relief. This will also give you a feeling of fullness thus making you eat less.

7. Fights infections


Source – (Nutrition, n.d.)

Lemon water in some studies is known to prevent the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria in the body which causes infections and diseases. It also fights common cold, sore throat and tonsils with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Other benefits of lemon juice include –

  • Maintaining the PH balance of the body.
  • Cleansing liver by flushing out the toxins.
  • Prevents a toothache and gingivitis.
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Clears the skin and makes it more radiant


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Starting your mornings with lemon water can do wonders for your body. You might not get all the benefits stated above but you will surely get most of them. This refreshing and rejuvenating ingredient from your refrigerator can be added to your green tea, ginger tea, lemon tea, lemon aid and even your cocktails. It’s time to ditch your caffeinated coffee/tea and switch to lemon water. Also, note that consumption of lemon might ruin your teeth enamel after some time. To prevent that, make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly after drinking lemon water.

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