8 Protein rich vegetarian alternatives

A breeze of windy summer and dazzling sunshine has hit the roof and all of us are ready for a run. Now when it’s time to shed the layers of clothing you probably will think of getting back in shape. Working out and building muscles can be challenging and diet plays a very significant role in it. One way to cut down the inches and lose weight is by increasing the protein intake and decreasing the amount of carbohydrate. When we talk about protein, an egg is the first thing that comes to mind. Not only is it rich in protein, its nutritional value goes beyond that. The good thing about the protein-rich diet is, it keeps you full for a longer time curbing your hunger.

Fortunately, eggs are not the only source of protein and it’s a sigh of relief for all vegetarians. There is a list of foods that can help you boost muscle mass. All of them might not be suitable for vegans but all of them are suitable for those who want to ditch the egg for some reason. The average intake of essential protein in a day should be around 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women.

Indian cuisine includes a lot of dishes which are rich in protein and other nutrients. Here’s a list of 8 protein rich vegetarian alternatives that you must try once as an alternative to eggs.



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100gm – 24 gm (Protein)

There is one dish that the whole nation loves and that is RAJMA CHAWAL’ also known as kidney beans. One cup kidney beans roughly contain 15 gm of protein for which you will have to eat 4-5 egg whites. Along with protein, they are also a good source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. A combination of kidney beans and rice makes it a quality source of protein.



100gm – 19 gm (Protein)

Another very popular dish among north Indians is Chole Chawal also known as chickpeas. One cup chickpeas roughly contain 14.6 gm of protein which is equal to proteins in 4-5 egg whites. They are very effective in stimulating weight loss and reducing inches from the belly.



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100gm – 18 gm (Protein)

It seems that adding protein-rich dishes to the diet is a very delicious idea because here’s a dish that has been an all-time favourite for the entire nation. Paneer is one of the most versatile dairy product used in the Indian cuisine. Paneer is not only rich in protein but is also a quality source of calcium. It keeps you full for a longer time, thus, preventing you from eating anything sweet or fatty. It is often referred to as the best alternative to meat for vegetarians.



SOURCE – (Nguyen, n.d.)

100gm – 16 gm (Protein)

For vegans, Tofu is the best alternative to paneer. Instead of buffalo milk, tofu is made from soy milk. Though you will have to compromise a little bit with the taste it’s good for weight loss diet plans. There is a noticeable difference between the fat content in paneer and tofu. Paneer has 265 calories whereas tofu only has 62 calories.



SOURCE – (mamothhunters, n.d.)

100gm – 14 gm (Protein)

Quinoa is a whole grain suitable for both vegetarians and vegans with a high fiber content. Though it is not a very common food in India, it has recently gained popularity as a healthy alternative. It is cholesterol free and a cup of cooked quinoa provides 222 calories and 8.14 gm of protein. It can be cooked like rice with any combination of spices. It also expands while cooking, usually 3 times of its original quantity.



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100gm – 52 gm (Protein)

Nutrela Soya Chunks are a popular food ingredient in the Indian market, especially amongst the vegetarian people. Unlike other protein food sources, Nutrela can be added in various dishes. It is often served with rice in the form of veg pulao or veg biryani. It can even be served with curry dishes and lentils. It will not only increase the protein intake but will also make your meal more appetizing. 100gm of Nutrela contains 345 calories but no saturated or trans-fat.




100gm – 8.39gm (Protein)

Lentils aka ‘Masoor ki dal’ in India is a great source of protein which can be included in the daily diet without any second thoughts. Most of the people consume it with rice or chapatti but if you are too diet conscious to include white rice in your meal, you can try brown rice. Brown rice will complete the requirement of the essential amino acids that are usually absent in lentils for muscle building. One cup of lentils can provide you with 18 gm of protein and fulfills the need of fibre in the body.



100gm – 25gm (Protein)

Peanut butter like quinoa has gained popularity in the recent years and is consumed as a spread most of the time. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain 188 calories, 8 gm of protein, 6 gm of carbs and 16gm of fat. The fat content might get you a little worried about your health but you can include it in your daily diet twice or thrice a week. The monounsaturated fat present in the peanut butter can is very less likely to be stored as body fat.


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