• Home remedies to ease period cramps
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    10 Home remedies to ease period cramps

    Home remedies for period cramps have been in every grandma’s diary for ages. Your monthly reminder of womanhood sometime turns out to be a horror story with mild to extreme menstrual cramps. The term used for period cramps is “dysmenorrhea”. These cramps in some cases might hinder your everyday activities. It is accompanied by other symptoms too like nausea, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, backache etc. What causes period cramps? Period pain usually begins after an egg has been released from the pair of ovaries which travels down to the fallopian tube. The uterus sheds its lining every month and during that time, an elevated production of a hormone called ‘prostaglandins’ causes…

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    8 Protein rich vegetarian alternatives

    A breeze of windy summer and dazzling sunshine has hit the roof and all of us are ready for a run. Now when it’s time to shed the layers of clothing you probably will think of getting back in shape. Working out and building muscles can be challenging and diet plays a very significant role in it. One way to cut down the inches and lose weight is by increasing the protein intake and decreasing the amount of carbohydrate. When we talk about protein, an egg is the first thing that comes to mind. Not only is it rich in protein, its nutritional value goes beyond that. The good thing…

  • 7 Reasons to drink lemon water everyday

    7 Reasons to drink lemon water everyday

    Lemon is a very popular and versatile citrus fruit used in a variety of recipes and drinks. Many people including celebrities have shared health benefits of lemon water when consumed on a daily basis, especially early in the morning empty stomach. To reap the benefits of lemon water, try drinking it with lukewarm water. Not only it kick starts your digestive system according to Ayurveda, it also helps to remove toxins and improving complexion. Take a look at some of the amazing beauty and health benefits of lemon water. 1. Stimulates weight loss Lemon water is very efficient in cutting down the stubborn body fat. It shows the amazing result…